Darlene was amazing!

"Thank you for all the amazing work and help on my bathroom remodel. You are the absolute best and I am so appreciative. Thank you!" - Sarah

Our first home

"Thank you for finding and helping us secure our first home! And for never letting us give up or lose faith through the process! "
  -John, Client

Best Realtor We Know

"You're the hardest working and best Realtor® we know. We can't thank you enough for your help & expertise in selling (and buying actually) our home. You'll always hold a special place in our hearts, and we'll think back on our time with you fondly. We wish you the very best."
  -Matt & Kylie, Client

Always Experienced

"Thank you for your help. I'd be lost in house repair hell without your expertise."
  -Paula, Client

Never Lose Sight of the Goal

"Thank you for your great efforts Darlene! You never lost sight of the goal! Thank you for closing our home!"
  -Vicki, Client


"You made the purchase feel like it was effortless even thought it was very difficult to contract. You never gave up no matter how many homes we made offers on and negotiated until we found the right one. You would not give up! Thank you for helping us buy our home!"
  -C & W, Client


"Darlene, we are SO appreciative of you and all your hard work and thoroughness. Talk about making this process one of was and bearing all the burden. You are a force to be reckoned with and I know why you have lifetime clients and why you are referred over and over...because you care about every single client and their well being, being treated fairly and getting what they deserve. We have never had a Realtor® fight for us like you did and that says something. So THANK YOU!!!"
  -Robyn, Client


"You know you're amazing, right? You truly are! Thanks again for everything."
  -Tery & Jody, Client

Never Stopping

"You never stop and we are blessed to always have you in our corner!"
  -Pat, Client